The two of us

My whole life I’ve struggled with being sensitive. The outside world can be an overwhelming, loud, confusing place for me. When I’ve spend a couple of hours doing stuff, I need to go home and recharge. Growing up I always felt so different and weird. People telling me over and over: you need to toughen up! Things got easier when I learned that I’m not the only one. That it’s OK to be introverted; and that my sensitivity is in fact a strength. But I still find it hard to set boundaries. To always be the first one to leave a party. To decline an invitation to go an awesome festival. To tell people that I don’t have plans and I’d like to keep it that way. And so I usually end up feeling over-committed and overwhelmed. But then an extraordinary thing happened! I adopted a hypersensitive cat named Jet. Loud sounds, strangers, and changes in her environment upset her immensely and she can only be alone for a couple of hours. Our needs align magically. Now, whenever I’m tempted to ignore my needs, she’s there to remind me. I can’t stay out too long, need to go home and take care of her. Take care of me. What a blessing!